Friday, 10 August 2012

Digression: Books I'm Reviewing—Titles for Early Autumn

   August, reputedly home of the year's diēs caniculārēs (a concept that may not apply to Vancouver this remarkably cloudy 2012) and the natural time for tremendous lassitude or flat out laziness, also means prep for the new semester. I just finished Alissa York's Fauna for a fall CanLit class, and am happy to have encountered a terrific novel I missed when it was first published a couple years back. 
   As a result, blog activity will be pretty stagnant here for the next few weeks. Between prep, my own writing (ha!), and weekend trips of camping and recreation, coming up with material for here seems about as appealing as repainting my living room.
   And for September I have a short stack of new publications I'll be reviewing: Zadie Smith's NW, Candace Savage's A Geography of Blood, John Vigna's Bull Head, Tamas Dobozy's Siege 13, and Cordelia Strube's Milosz.