Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Non-Fiction Sidebar : A Title in Favour and Out; Elizabeth Berkley


   This Location of Unknown Possibilities was originally titled Movie of the Week, Starring Elizabeth Berkley (f. Marta Spëk and Jakob Nugent on Location in the OK Valley)
   Besides trying too hard, being too much of a mouthful, and inducing quizzical expressions from readers, the former title also was an in-joke that (a) was meant for me alone and (b) which, once explained, wasn't all that funny. It's been dodo'd, but for posterity - ha ha - it now officially exists in cyberspace.
   As for Elizabeth Berkley (of Showgirls and Saved By the Bell fame), she still makes an appearance in exactly one scene in the final quarter of the novel. I'm unsure if there's a legal problem with featuring a living celebrity in a work of fiction (without her permission), but for now that's the least of my concerns.

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