Friday, 5 April 2013

Digression: Books I'm Reviewing—Don Gillmor's "Mount Pleasant"

Unlike in real life, where a bad few months rarely produce anything but feelings of inadequacy, depression, and wow-does-life-ever-suck, literary characters going through a rough patch can effortlessly produce scathing zingers, biting indictments, and brutal dismissals. Tagging along with them, in other words, is an occasion for mirth and schadenfreude. At least that's the case with Don Gillmor's ever-amusing Mount Pleasant.
   My review of the novel appears in The Vancouver Sun.

   (ps, if this genre—aka, life's really tough for middle class educated heterosexual white guys in North America—appeals to you, be sure to check out David Eggers' Hologram for the King, in which a defeated 54 year-old IT consultant dreams of escaping the "crushing vise" called his life and striding the world "a colossus [with] enough money to say fuck you, and you, and you." 
   Terrific! Sad! Funny!) 

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