Saturday, 2 November 2013

Tips for Writing Success: Source Material (#6)

    Because I'm _____ [busy, lazy, focused on other projects, lacking inspiration/vision/talent, uncertain where to begin with the idea and also where to go with it, passing the buck], I've neither read nor written a piece that's centred on someone somewhere (I don't know actually who or actually where) whose job description for his (yes, for whatever reasons, it's a male I picture) 9-5 activities include the production and dissemination of material like the letter below, written by "Rocky Gupta" of "Kolkata, India." (Also showing up in the inbox this week: an appeal from
"Ambassador Kadre Desire Ouedraogo," whose tragic circumstances I'm quite curious to learn about. Same for "Karen Mangi, a Zimbabwean female studying Medicine in the University of Johannesburg in South Africa.") 

   I would like to read such a piece, maybe in short story form. So, conjectured reader (who is also a writer of fiction), get to it today! And send me the results, svp. I'd love to know all about Rocky, Karen, or Ambassador Ouedraogo (whose name alone is rather promising). 
   Here's Rocky's "employment opportunity" in full—

Work with us as our United states/canada representative and earn money based on a considerable commission. If interested get back to us with your full names, residential address, phone number, company name (if any), date of birth and marital status. We shall forward you all modalities for this employment opportunity.

Yours faithfully,
Rocky Gupta.

Director of Finance
Usha Martin Ltd, Kolkata India

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